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  Cheat MANIA 

There is no cow level --- Win the mission

Game over man ----------- Loose mission(why do that?)

Power overwhelming ----------- GOD MODE

Show me the money ------------ 10000 Minerals & Vespen

Whats mine is mine ----------- 500 Minerals

Breathe deep ----------------- 500 Vespene

Some for nothing ------------- Upgrades all you units & you buildings 1level

Black sheep wall ------------- Show the whole map

Operation cwal --------------- FAST BUILD!

Stay alive ------------------- Play after you win mission

Medieval -------------------- Free upgrades

Modify the phase varince ----- All build

War ain't what it used to be ------- No fog on map

Food for thought ------------- No supply limit(to 200)

The gathering ---------------- Free energy(but enemies will have it too)

Ophelia --------------------- Level skip (type mission## - ex: terran10)


radio free zerg ---------------- The overlords sing along with the overmind(very funny)

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